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Micah brings convenience into looking gorgeous all day every day

Our services include:



Eyeliner from


Lip Tattoo




Colon Hydrotherapy


Skin Treatments


Combined Colon Hydrotherapy and Massage


Micro Needling


Microdermabrasion and LED


Customised Facial from


Detox Facial from


Add Ons


Other Services Include:

Nano Brows
Combo Brows
Ombre Brows
Micro Strokes
Micro Blade
Brow Feathering
Brow Strokes
Powder Brow
Eyeliner tattoo
Lip Tattoo
Antiwrinkle Injections
Paramedical Facials DMK
Microneedling (Skin Pen)

If you are a busy woman, or a man who knows it is important to put your best face forward to meet each day with confidence, then Cosmetic Art by Micah is where you come to for treatments, advice and guidance into how you can effortlessly look your very best.

ABOUT MICAH Micah is an artist, a certified Natural Therapist, Nurse and Medical Intuitive with over 20 years experience in Health Science. Micah currently works from Potts Point, Sydney and Beenleigh Brisbane

Feather Brows

Luxurious perfect brows that frame your face and highlight your most beautiful features.

Permanent Makeup

Keen to wear your alpha face 24 hours a day, always ready to take on the next goal? Permanent makeup has you made up effortlessly, all the time.

Anti-ageing Treatments

Micah offers a range of anti-ageing treatments, including micro-dermabrasion, dermal fillers, and para-medical facials.

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